Real Estate Project Marketing

Sales&MarketingSimply defined, we are a full service, Marketing & Sales agency with focus on Real Estate Pre-sale, giving developers the tools and expertise needed to realize profits faster than conventional ways. Our developer mindset combined with market intelligence and creative solutions has earned us the respect of successful developers and builders across all property types.  Our objective is to collaborate with you throughout the life cycle of your project. During typical 2 – 3 year development of the project we offer guidance on land acquisition, construction, Pre-Sale Marketing and Sales. During this period, we essentially become an extension of your organization — an “in–house” sales and marketing department without the overhead. Our work with you will encompass five progressive stages:

Project Branding

Once site details are confirmed, we collaborate with you on the architectural and interior design details as well as strategic financial considerations. The result is a development that makes sense financially. One that is uniquely and competitively positioned in the market, and a creative project identity that offers one-of-a-kind market targeted appeal.


With the offering defined, we formulate and document the marketing and sales strategy that will result in sales success. This includes preparing sales and marketing budgets and establishing a timeline for the activities, tasks and deliverables that must be completed before going to market.

The relationships we maintain with industry leading suppliers and partners enables us to carefully select and lead the appropriate creative and communications agencies to ensure all necessary marketing and sales tools — including Presentation Centre, brochures, direct mail, website, email communications, ad templates — are completed on time.


Once your project is ready to launch, we initiate the sales process in a timely, well coordinated campaign.

This work is a dynamic process of executing prospect generation and conversion actions, gathering and assessing feedback in a timely manner and adapting to “real time” shifts in consumer response or changing market conditions.

Of course, optimal performance demands assembling, briefing, high performance coaching, and rewarding a dedicated sales team to achieve exceptional results. It also means being accountable. So we present detailed daily, weekly and monthly sales and marketing performance reports.


Your role doesn’t end at the sale, and neither does ours. We will assist hand-over procedures and ensure buyers transition in to their new home.

We’ll keep purchasers up-to-date on construction progress, help clarify the home orientation and closing process, and work diligently to create a positive homebuyer/developer experience.