Investment portfolio Management

Nautic Marketing Group’s Investment portfolio Management services are best suited for business in need of better defining their investment proposal and creating and maintain loyal relationships with clients. Through Strategic Communication and Creative Advertising we deliver new standards of Investment portfolio Management.   Services include in this categories includes:

Strategic Communication

Our job is to identify and expose the potentials of your brand. Whether a Real Estate Development or a unique product or service new to the industry. We will provide guidance and a progression model to market your product through intelligent and targeted solutions. We make it our business to keep ahead of market forecasts and trends.

Executed through:

  • Market / Demographic Study
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand audit
Project Examples:

Infinity Burnaby – Marketing Strategy, Demographic Analysis, Creative Strategy and Brand Development

Atti Group – Market Study and Demographic analysis, Brand Audit

Creative Advertising

Products and Services all share similar common dominators. Whether it’s identity and brand development or design of specialty brochures we are geared to create a difference. With a creative mindset and a skillful team of visionaries we provide the most effective marketing tools for our sales associates, allowing them to convert prospects into buyers.

Executed through:

  • Branding (Logo Design)
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Product or service naming
  • Tagline / slogan development
  • Creative Content Writing
  • Brand Extensions:
    • Office Stationary
    • Website Design & Development
    • Social Media Campaign Development
    • Email Marketing
    • Indoor & Outdoor Print Advertising
    • Cross Promotions
Project Examples:

David Mitchell Co. – Brand Audit, Creative Writing, Communication & Strategy, Website Design & Development, Office Stationary

Abana Capital – Branding, Office Stationary